What's the best Air Jordan shoe of all time?

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Answered by: Justin, An Expert in the Fashion - Men's Shoes Category
The True Blue 3's are the greatest Air Jordan shoes ever created because of their on-court effectiveness and off-court style. First off, they provide adequate ankle support to prevent injuries. The True Blue 3's also have excellent traction. Unlike many other basketball shoes, Jordan 3's won't weigh you down; they certainly didn't weight down Michael Jordan in the legendary 1988 dunk contest. The shoes also succeed in another important aspect of footwear: comfort. They're easy to put on and take off and the padding around the ankles isn't too tight. The quality leather and elephant print create a smooth, soft exterior. Durability is yet another area where the Jordan 3's excel. They can last hundreds of games, while still looking and feeling great. The well-designed silhouette and the exemplary materials both can be attributed to the longevity of Jordan 3's. It's very difficult to find any weaknesses in the performance of these shoes.

Of course the True Blue 3's are exceptional on-court, but what really makes them stand out is their glamour. For that reason alone, many people prefer to wear them off-court. In fact, countless people who wear them don't even play basketball; they have them specifically for looks. This cannot be said about most ordinary basketball shoes. Only a unique, fashionable pair of basketball shoes can be worn fashionably off the court. Various details of the True Blue 3's have elevated them to greatest-of-all-time status. The elephant print near the heels and toes had never been seen in shoes until designer Tinker Hatfield created the Jordan 3's. The same can be said about the visible air-sole unit on the sides. The tongue of the shoes was the first to feature the Jumpman logo. The logo has since become the official symbol of the Air Jordan brand and it is known world-wide. Color is where the True Blue 3's separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The white base with touches of blue and red are a perfect compliment for almost any garment. The True Blue 3's go best with the world's most popular pants: jeans. The white base contrasts the color of the jeans, the blue matches the jeans, and the hints of red compliment the blue of the jeans and shoes. The elephant print adds the perfect amount of flair to an already fashionable shoe. The shoes do not overpower one's eyes, nor do they blend in with everyone else's shoes. True Blue 3's will certainly garner attention for the right reasons. They stand out in a way that attract many compliments for originality and style of footwear. Of course sneakerheads will appreciate the nostalgia and appearance of such beautiful shoes, but many ordinary people will also take notice. I, for one, have had the True Blue 3's for a year and I have already received over 30 positive remarks, many of which came from complete strangers. In conclusion, the unmatched quality and appearance of the True Blue 3's have made them the greatest Air Jordan shoes of all time.

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